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[22 Mar 2005|08:03pm]
new livejournal add me<3 your_my_summer
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My body hurts. I feel like I am dying. :-/. [21 Mar 2005|07:04pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

What a blah blah day. So today I went to first period study hall with everyone and hung out with Nick Brielle Matt and Billy. It was alright. We kinda just talked. I was in a horrible mood. I'm not sure why but I was. I was in a baddd mood. Yeah and I really need to change my layout since I hate it and all. Right now I am at Mary Cheney Library doing a project with Stephanie and I am in pain. I'm not sure why of that either. Haha. Yeah so today was bad.

I felt crappy the whole day and I think I might be something but I'm not sure. Well second period I went to Matty's. Today was his first day of night school at MHS. I am proud of him. People think night school is so much worse then day school. Night school kids get a bad rep. But truthfully it is so much better then day school.

  1. Night school is only 4 hours long. (4-8)
  2. You get Fridays off.
  3. There is much less kids in your class aka no drama or anything.
  4. There are 2 teachers in each class so you get the help when you need it.
  5. You get out of school June 9th.
  6. It only takes a year and a half for him to graduate which means he gets his diploma before me.
Hmm, yeah. I'd say he is pretty damn smart if you ask me. I got tutored today too. Just talked to my coach about a whole lotta bullshit. ;). She is mad cool. I love my coach Nikki. She is basically like an older sister to me. Well, Hmmm. I am incredibly bored. I'm going to go do some other stuff. I absolutely love these computers. They work so much quicker then the one I have at home. Although I'd love to be home now on the phone with my boyfriend taking a bath or lying in bed. Well, bye.
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Crazy fucking weekend. Full of pot. [20 Mar 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Hmmmm. Lalala. Woww, crazy weekend. I'm fucking agged right now. To much shit for school. Who the fuck invented school, essays, and projects anyway? Whoever did should die and I wanna be the one to fucking kill them. I'm stressed. Yeah, I'm thisclose to wanting to go to night school iwth my boyfriend because day school SUCKS DICK. Big cock a roach.

So Friday: Yeah it was good. Me and Matt chilled and I slept there but umm, yeah we chilled smoked some because I had 30 so we bought weed with it. We smoked at his house and then hit up Ernie's ma's house. She is mad cool. We just sat there stoned outta our minds with her and she was just talking about random shit. LMFAO. As she puts it: Weed is so great. It's like you sit there in the middle of the road and a big truck is coming at you. But if your high you turn to your friend and instead of running outta the road you say, pass me a bowl.  Haha it was so funny cause we were stoned. I just sat there not breathing cause I was laughing so hard. We went in Matt's room (Ernie's bro) and we ended up passing out till 4 in the morning on the couch. We woke up packed another bowl and smoked. It was goooood. Haha, me and Matt walked home.

So Saturday: We kinda just chilled and slept. Around one we showered and shit and went over Kelseys house for her cousins 1st birthday or some shit. That baby was wierd. Haha, yeah Matt's mom and uncle went with us and the baby. I LOVE MARISSA. Haha, yeah we got there walked around the blocka dn smoked a J. :). Hehe. Yeah got back stoned played with all the babies there and did wahtever. It was straight. I loved it. Haha, and then we got back and got in a fight again. :(. But we worked it out. We always do. Hmm, yeah. Then Gary and Matt's momma brought us out because Marissa was with Matt's dad. We went to McDonalds and ate. Haha, we were just sitting there and Matt lost some of his weed. He was pissed off. Then we went to Friendlies next door for icecream. Gary's the biggest dork. He like skipped into the McDonalds. He looked like a motherfucking dinasour. Haha. So we ate at Friendlies and just talked and were stupid. Then we ended up going to the Q-club and last minute deciding we'd rather get a movie and condoms. Haha, but we wasted the night away. Haha we sat there and watched the movie SAW trying to understand it which we never did. WIERD SCARY ASS FUCKING MOVIE MAN. Yeah. But then today was good. We chilled and made sweet love. Haha jp. But we were great. :). I am a happy girl.

But this fucking essay was due Tuesday and yeah, didn't even finish it. If my tutor finds out I'm dead as fuck. And I don't even understand how to do it. :(. Way to stressed for this shit. My baby starts night school tomorrow!!!!

I love you Matt.

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I am in some SERIOUS pain. [16 Mar 2005|11:24pm]
[ mood | awake ]

OML. I hurt. Whatever. I had a bad fucking night but it's okay now. Me and Matt got in another argument type thing and I cried for like a million hours and finally he talked to me and it's ok. He is just so freaking protective of me. He said it's cause of his past relationship with Theresa getting hurt and all and I can understand that. But I wish he'd realize I'd never fuck him up like that. I love him way to damn much. Some girls though.. Love doesn't stop them over lust. And I'm sure not one of those biddies.

Well, I burned some jolly ol' freaking good CDs. Yay gunna go see my baby tomorrow as always. I seen him today until mad late. I absolutely love Matthew Danforth. That kid is my life. Word on everything dude. I smoked today with him and Luiz. She is awesome as hell. She is Ernies mom kinda but she is fucking awesome. I talked to her forever about shit with my mom and she understood. Her mom died too. But she has been through mad hell. Some of you bitches haven't gone through shit. Some bitches at MHS have such a perfect freaking life. Well fuck you guys. They're not gunna be able to make it in the real world. I'm a strong bitch for my age because of the shit I've been through. It's made me a better person <3.

So me and Matt chilled with Luiz most of the day. Yeahhhh, we drove around stoned outta our minds head banging and blaring the stereo being retards. Mad fun. <3 I love my life sometimes. SOMETIMES. Until me and Matt disagree aka argue. It sucks. But I couldn't never not be with him.

Matty and Rachy
                        1 month and 2 days! I love you!

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[16 Mar 2005|07:18am]

Cute pics that I feel like postingCollapse )

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I hate fighting with him. [16 Mar 2005|07:11am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I officially hate people. It sucks that I have to walk around school afraid that my boyfriend will hear that I am talking to guys and shit. When I barely ever talk to anyone. I have literally knocked everyone outta my life because I don't want rumors and shit starting.. That is the last thing my boyfriend needs. He already talked about it. How drug dealers even call me a slut and I don't even do anything. I'm not a slut and it bothers me that people would think that. I haven't done any shit with barely nobody and it makes me crazy thinking how this shit starts. I mean I know I have been crazy in front of a lot of people but that doesn't give people the right to call me a slut. Because I'm truly not one and it is just plain embaressing when people are telling my boyfriend this. Whatever. I needah get over life.

YESTERDAY SUCKED DICK. Me and Matt fought a couple  times but then talked to eachother and we were okay. I am not really liking how ANYTHING is going. I truly am beginning to hate life period. And I haven't finished my paper yet, which by the way was due yesterday and my tutor and father is gunna prolly find out. I have pains everywhere and I just wanna go home.



Most of I miss my mommy.

But Matt, I love you baby.

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[14 Mar 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | content ]

Wellll today is me and Matt's one month. I'm in a good mood because he is. Lol. I love you baby. Hmm well I haven't written in a while. I haven't been home. I don't really live here anymore. Well I do but I'm never home at all. I'm usaully at Mattys.

Wellllll Friday was straight. I chilled with Matt basically all day and shit and chilled whatever and then we went to Kelseys house in EH. Yeah it was good. Kels's mom, Brenda picked us up and brought us to her house. We smoked a lot and I was feeling good but then found out that me and Matt couldn't sleep in the same bed. :(. He was fucking pissed. But it was alright. So we chilled and shit and smoked and then played with her dog. Lol. Yeahhh, then in the morning a kid Kels goes to school with named Jesse came over and we left to go get dropped off. Haha me Matty Kels Brenda and Jesse crammed into the car and then stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts. :-D. Yesssirrr. Hehe.

So Saturday me and Matt chilled got ready took showers and whatever and chilled at his house basically the whole. Smoked and then Kelsey and Nick came over and smoked more. Matt almost got in some deep shit because of everything. Yeah annnddd Friday some bullshit with Ryan. Whatever that little asshole. Hmmm, yeah so we chilled with Kels and Nicka nd walked to Lavoys house. :). Haha, Ernie. Yeahhh and he was with Liz and Mike and we chilled outside there for a little bit and then me and Matt left nad went back to his house had fun and did whatever. Yeahhh. That was a good night.

Sunday me and him woke up chilled (I slept at his house the whole weekend anyways) and he had this family dinner thing. I stayed until 9. He was mad at me that night for like 20 mins because of some bullshit but we were ok. THEN TODAY WAS OUR 1 MONTH. I love him. Hmmmm :). Okay buhbyes. Gotta go print out pics and finish that damn English essay. TOO MANY PROJECTS FOR JUNIORS. AGREED? Hell yes. Peace.

Matty. You are everything to me baby and most importantly my world. I love you to death and with all my heart. 1 month hunny. We will make it no doubt. I love you honey. :). 2/14/05.<3

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Woooowwww today is gunna be fun! [09 Mar 2005|02:24pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Hmmm today. Lol. Yeah school school school. Boring boring boring. I think I have tutoring today but I'm not 100 percent sure. I thought I did and I think I did because I've been missing it a lot. Hmm today was alright. Went to Matt's for a little while and shit. It was fun. We just chilled and then Kelsey came over his house and I talked to her for a little while. She is MAD cool. Lol. I wnana be friends with her. I mean she is Matt's best friend. Idk I just feel wierd when they touch and stuff because I know they use to go out and I know it shouldn't bother me because there is truly nothing going on between them there.


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You are a cool cat [08 Mar 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I just scared the living ass crack outta myself. The bush outside of my house looks like a man in a mask and I was just like shaking so fucking hard. Goddamn mask man.. Haha, even though it isn't. I am scared. Curling in bed. Goodnight all. I love Matthew Andrew Danforth. I love how he says my middle name wrong and how I rag on his cute random middle name. Fucking night you hoes bitches whores sluts and home dogs.




I don't know where my love is. :(<33


Time for a Newport!! :-D.

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[08 Mar 2005|08:01pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Well this weekend and this week have a been a big ride for me. But a good one. It's made me and Matt closer. I love that kid so fucking much like no one will ever believe. Well this past weekend me and him chilled Friday. We smoked a bag at his house and passed out on his bed and didn't even blah blah blah. ;-). To bad but it was ok. Then Saturday I got to his house around 3 and we chilled and basically did whatever the whole day.. Hehe. Yeah and then we basically had a really good day and just were together. We have the most fun together. Yeah it was good. I slept there. :). I think we chilled with Ernie a couple times.

Then me and him in the morning around 10 took showers and chilled and then went to his grandfathers for this big breakfast thing his fam was having.. His grandmother picked us up with Marissa and we left for his grandfathers. I met his grandfather. His family is so nice to me and I guess they really do like me. Yeah so we chilled at his grandfathers. I watched Matt clean glass up and we played a little bit of pool. His grandfathers house is HUGE. I mean GIGANTIC. I mean the basement has to be the same size as my house and when I turn 18 guess who is moving there. ME AND MATT. :). Haha. Can't wait. So yeahhh.

Then Matt's dad brought us out and we went to his cousins birthday party. Shes mad spoiled and shit. Hmm, yeah so we were chillen there for a while. Had a couple serious talks about his family with hima nd his dad and stuff. And then just chilled basically. It was good. Yeah and tried to get the baby to sleep a lot but she just wouldn't sleep. Lol. I LOVA YOUA MARISSA!! Lol. Haha. I lost my cell phone but found it. Haha, yeah and then there was this kid and his girlfriend there nad I kept starting shit because well, her boyfriend was there yet she was flirting with minea nd I swear the guy also had a crush on Matt. I was like umm, wtf is this shit?!? Yeah ok.

Yesterday I chilled with Matt and we had bangin' sex.

And today we chilled and a buncha shit happened. WE HAD A HALF A DAY so Matty called and told me so I knew ahead of time. I told my class but no one really believed me :(. They got theres huh, bitches? Haha yeah and then I went to the lunchwaves, talked to Amanda Fox for a while about some shita nd then ended up walking to Matt's and staying there. Matt's mom was upset and he was kinda pissed then we chilled for a while and got goofy as fuck. We walked to Ernies to see him. Haha, Matt snuck outta his house this morning. That shit is funnnnyyy. Lol. Ernie was like where did Matt go? Lol. Yeah it was fucking freezing. My hair was ice. It was so bad. Matt, Ernie and Eric were like um wtf? And Matt kept touching my hair to melt it. Haha. Yeah so we chilled there walked back and had fun. ;-). Yeahhh... then Matt got mad because his mom wouldn't bring me home later. Ended up breaking his stereo and then I got upset and he did and we both cried. I mean I love this kid and he is going through a lotta shit right now. I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HIM. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. No one knows man. I wanna marry this fucking kid. The only person who I think realizes how muhc I love him is Kate and Ashley. Idc, because I really do. Yeahhh. Ok peace.




I love you Matt Andrew Danforth.
MAD + RHL = Love forever.


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[05 Mar 2005|01:38pm]
-first grade teacher's name: it started with a b lol.
-last word you said: i coughed heh
-last song you sang: ummmm the star spangled banner ??
-last thing you laughed at: something matty said heh
-last time you cried: umm i don't remember it's been a while :)

-what's in your cd player: crunk juice cd hahaha
-what color socks are you wearing: pink and white nike :)
-what's under your bed: nothing because its a matress
-what time did you wake up today: ummm 6 suttin

-what is your career going to be: i wanna be a singer
-where are you going to live: DEFINITELY CALIFORNIA but i <3 nyc too
-how many kids do you want: atleast 3
-what kind of car will you drive: ummm something cute?

-current hair: just straight and brown up in a messy bun
-current clothes: i'm such a bum. a pink robe and a dare hoodie lmao and epic sweats
-current jewelry: nothing at the moment lol
-current annoyance: umm the fact that i can't sleep and matt never called me after i left his house
-current smell: hot chocolate
..-current longing: for matt and can't wait until tomorrow im sleeping there :-p!
-current desktop picture: ehhh a flower haha
-current favorite music artist: jessica simpson
-current book: not currently reading shit
-current worry: mmm.. im not sure. oh if matt went out tonight partying haha riiighhh
-current hate: eh -- people who write anonymous comments in my lj
-story behind your username: white roses are pretty and they are soft.. :) lol
-current favorite article of clothing: anything with sweatpants :)
-one person you wish was here right now: my mommmaaaaa
-line from the last thing you wrote to someone: nooo freaking idea
-i am happiest when: im with matt :)
-do you think too much: yeah and then i end up confusing myself.
-if you could live anywhere in the world, where: CALIFORNIA BITCH.
-famous person you have met: shifty from crazy town
-do you have any regrets: eh who doesnt?
-sex or love: love : umm def. love
-favorite coffee: vanilla chai
-favorite smell: the hollister spray or the cologne ghetto boys wear :) annnddd cotten candy
-what makes you mad: um people who start shit over stupid things
-favorite way to waste time: write in my lj thank you , that is why i write so much u fucking anonymous person!
-what is your best quality: i have the craziest and wierdest sense of humor..
-are in currently in love/lust: in love and lust duhhh i love you matt!
-what's the craziest thing you have ever done?: umm crashed my pas car.

-any bad habits: becoming to serious and upset over little shit
-do you find it hard to trust people: i guess
-last thing you bought yourself: newports and popcorn heh and a coke
-bath or shower: shower
-favorite season: fall because its so fucking gorgeous out!
-favorite color: baby blue and light pink
-favorite time of day: at night around 11
-gold or silver: silverrrrr
-any secret crushes: yeppp matt shhh dont say shit!
-how many coats and jackets do you own: like 4
-do you wear a watch: nah i just use my cellphone
-favorite pants color: hmm blue for jeans urghhh doyyy
-most expensive item of clothing: haha idk
-most treasured: anything that was my mommys :)
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[05 Mar 2005|01:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hmm. In a really good mood today. Duno why. Maybe because it's sunny out. Haha. :). Awwe I love this song. Eminem featuring Halie. Yeahhh b'. Yeah, I'm bored as fuck but I should go do homework. Before I do so.... :). Okay yeah today I am going to see my baby and chill with him Kelsey and Nick. Thennnn I am going to go sleep at Mattys and then go to breakfast at his Grandfathers tomorrow early morning. So I gotta finish all my work by then. AHH fucking a*.

Also I miss my old friends:

Stacey Haha had my back since preschool babygirl.

Casey Good times the past years we've known eachother. :).

Meggie I miss you. We use to be so tight. Where are you? Lol.

Justine Awwe, as you said in my yr. book laughing our abs off. Hah.


Ivan Haha great fashion sense and you make me laugh haha.

Juju Haha we were so crazy together. I miss you!

Amy D You are a cool freaking chick.


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People write random shit in my LJ and I will write as much as I fucking want thank you very much. [05 Mar 2005|02:11am]
[ mood | chipper ]

There are a whole lotta concieted bitches in our school these days. Haven't you noticed all our school cares about is how much money you have and how fucking "cool" aka "stuck up" you are.. Being cool is like you have to be stuck up and not want to talk to certain people because they aren't cool enough for your group. Gimmmmeee a break. C'mon cunt suckers be fucking considerate. I just plainly don't understand people these days. Nothing matters to them other then being stuck up and looking in the mirror every 2 seconds. I think that shit is fucking ridiculous and then people sit there and say stuck up shit and act like everyone gives quite a shit about there opinion. Oh yes read my comments. Apparently, I write to much in my livejournal which I think is funny because I do. Because hwen I'm bored and I write. So freaking what? Whooo gives quite a shit about that enough to comment and say that in my LJ. Gee, people are nuts.

Yeah tonight Matt went off on me when I was at singing and then said love you sorry because he realized I was coming to his house. He's such a freaking dork man . :) I gotta love the kid. That's my fucking fiancee right there. Haha. Yeah so tonight we were all suppose to go out and shit and we ended up passing out on his bed. I got there he bought a 5-bag and we smoked and then we did whatever ;-) and passed out on his bed. And slept all the way until 11:45. My dad picked me up. He was like ummm, weren't you sleeping there? I was like Oh shit. Because I realzie I was. I guess I'm sleeping there tomorrow. :-D. Gunna prolly chill with him Nick and Kelsey.

YOU HAVE A NIGGER NOSE, AND LIPS. Why thank you Matt. I am still white. Haha.

let me know what race you think I am. I have been wondering about this for quite a while. Comment<3.

Oh yeah, and to the person who commented, I greeeatttllllyyy apologize for writing so much. I'll cut down to twice a day. SYKE fucker. Stupid. Blow me cunt fucking hole. ;-). Got it? Thank you. Greatly appreciated.

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[04 Mar 2005|03:37pm]
[ mood | blank ]

The library is closed soon and it's Friday and I am still here. What a loser I am. Really now.. Lol. Oh man, I miss people. But whatever. Yeahhh tonights p lan. Probably sleeping over Matt's with Kelsey and Nick maybe. It sounds straight. Maybe one of them can pierce my tongue for me. Matt's not mad. He can't stay mad at me I swear. I'm really suppose to be looking stuff up on cystic fibrosis at the moment but I am looking at places to join for the OC and Laguna Beach and Friends so yeahhhh. Okay I guess I'm out. And you know what? MHS Idol kicks ass. Gigggllleee. I wish they didn't show me on hte news.

I gotta go get my jacket from Chels and show my coach somehting. Also does anyone know if Cindy is ok? I saw her passed out in the hallway today and then the EMS carrying her outta school. I mean I heard rumors but if anyone who knows knows her knows what happened just let me know because I love that girl. Mwahs. Outties sluts.

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[04 Mar 2005|02:34pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Matt is pissed at me. Urgh, because my singing lessons keep getting changed and I was suppose to chill with him later tonight but now he is buggin and whatever.. Urghhhh. I hate this shit. I absolutely hate it when he gets pissed and doesn't even say I love you. Just like Ryan use to but it's ok because at least he treats me better then Ryan does. My coach isn't even here to tutor me yet. It's bullllllooonnneeeyyyy. But I love my coach. She is like an older sister to me. Okay, I'm outties. Peace.

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[04 Mar 2005|12:16pm]

join you guys!! rachel bilson is awesome!
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[04 Mar 2005|11:57am]
[ mood | in love ]

this is to you. you know I love you with all my heart. You are the world to me. You are always there when I need you. All I really need is you. You are everything to me. Everything in my life was so fucked up and I felt like I couldn’t trust a guy and then I met you. I realized that I could be treated decently and good by a guy and that I didn't have to be scared to be in a relationship. A serious one. I also realized I wanna be with you forever and always. Spending these days with you has been great for me. It has made me see that I don't needah be treated like shit by guys and there is decent people I can trust in this world. I love you with all my heart. You are my world and life and I wanna be with you forever and beyond. I know that highschool relationships usaully don't work out but I am willing to try to make this work for a long time and I know you are willing to do the same thing. I love you baby. You are everything to me. <3 always your babygirl,


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[04 Mar 2005|11:06am]
[ mood | content ]

Yesterday I had fun with my baby! Yeppppp. Gah. Haha hmm.. Yep so me and him chilled after school and stuff. I was about to walk to his house because he kept calling me from Carlis cell phone and I guess Ernie musta had it or something so they kept calling me and whatever. I called back and he told me he was at the school with Ernie. I guess they had Carlis car or something and said they were going to pick me up. So I ran out and got in the car and Matt was mad because he saw Nick touching me. Lol. I was like go WHOOP SOME ASS! Haha. And he really was about to. Haha yeahhhh so we went back to his house and he talked to Kyla and I guess that he wanted to go to the mall so I could get him his NIKE sweatband thingie so I went to Kyla’s with him and her sister Kim said she’d drop us off cause she had work at Friendlys anyway. So we chilled at Kylas and looked at pictures and stuff. Yessirrrr.

Yeah and then we left for the mall with Kim and she drove us there. Matt’s crazy man. He was hitting on some old ass lady in the car. She was like wtf? Haha, well we got there and walked around for a while and got icecream and smoked a little bit. Ohhhh that kid cracks me up. Yeah and so we chilled at the mall for quite a while and then finally went into DICKS. He tried to play basketball and didn’t realize there was covers on the top. Haha, we ran into his uncle and his cousin and shit and then his dad said he’d pick us up so he did.

Then me and Matt went and chilled at his house.  I love him. Okay bye.

Today I ate a bagel and talked to Alyssa. :-D. Hehe. It was funnn and I saw Ashley!!!

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[02 Mar 2005|07:46pm]

Someday you will find me, caught beneath the landslide, in a champagne supernova, caught in the sky.Collapse )

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[02 Mar 2005|06:38pm]
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